The dreaded first post

Aaaaah, the infamous first post, every blogger had to do it, and i’m almost sure every blogger spent a significant amount of time thinking about it.

But here I go!

Who I am:

I’m just a random citizen of our planet like everyone else. I like coding and I would love to be able to share what I know or what I find worth sharing!

i’m mainly using Corona SDK for now, but i would love to come back to more native code.

What will I be blogging about:

In my daily life, I often encounter coding challenge who took me some time to solve. Either because I was not good enough or because the doc wasn’t explicit enough!

I’ll be talking about how i solved those challenges in the form of tutorials, the simplest possible way!            I’ll also talk about random stuff or tips but always about computer and stuff. If you wanted to learn how to cook, you’re in the wrong place :)


Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, get involved in as many way as you can, and enjoy!

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